The Services provided by Skippack Kitchen & Bath go far beyond just updating your current space.
We will recommend solutions to your design challenges. This is a collaborative effort – we want your input! You use this space on a daily basis, lets make it function practically and beautifully!

Space Planning

A new plan will be generated based on the existing layout and desired features following the initial meeting between the homeowner and designer. You will get to see everything layed out before you buy or install anything!

Why hire a designer?

What is the one thing you will afford NOT to have for your next kitchen or bathroom project…

Material Selections

An overall materials direction will be developed. This part can prevent some homeowner’s from moving forward – we will simplify it for you and maybe even make it enjoyable!


Design Drawings

Skippack Kitchen and Bath will create design drawings to document cabinetry layout. These drawings (floor plan, elevations and perspectives) provide visual aid to understanding the newly designed space. Copies will be generated for you, your township for permits, the contractor for proper installation.